build notes

Want to know more about how Ancient Era Artistry works?  Learn how we make limited

edition realistic and accurate paleoart model kits, and what sets us apart from the masses.


Ancient era artistry is about creating and delivering the most engaging, impressive, dynamic, and exciting paleoart dinosaur sculptures.  My goal is for ancient era models to be the first to capture a viewer's attention amid any vast premium dinosaur model collection.  While that is a lofty pursuit in today's rich paleoart arena, that ambitious goal drives me and keeps my eye on the prize.  I am constantly checking and re-checking my work.  By the time i am willing to debut a model in its final state, I have spent so many hours researching and sculpting that I know the subject intimately, and the sculpture itself has become an extension of my being.  Like my kids or my pup, Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex Ramieri), my models are a piece of me and will forever be as close to me as family.  


It brings me untold joy to be able to offer my vision to the world, and that joy is only trumped by my appreciation for you, the collector who deems my work valuable enough to give it a place in your coveted collection.