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Want to know more about how Ancient Era Artistry works?  Learn how we make limited

edition realistic and accurate paleoart model kits, and what sets us apart from the masses.


Ancient era artistry is about creating and delivering the most engaging, impressive, dynamic, and exciting paleoart dinosaur sculptures.  My goal is for ancient era models to be the first to capture a viewer's attention amid any vast premium dinosaur model collection.  While that is a lofty pursuit in today's rich paleoart arena, that ambitious goal drives me and keeps my eye on the prize.  I am constantly checking and re-checking my work.  By the time i am willing to debut a model in its final state, I have spent so many hours researching and sculpting that I know the subject intimately, and the sculpture itself has become an extension of my being.  Like my kids or my pup, Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex Ramieri), my models are a piece of me and will forever be as close to me as family.  


It brings me untold joy to be able to offer my vision to the world, and that joy is only trumped by my appreciation for you, the collector who deems my work valuable enough to give it a place in your coveted collection.        

What is ancient era artistry? 
Ancient Era Artistry makes highly accurate, realistic, "scientifically possible" dinosaur figures and dioramas.  all of the ANCIENT ERA ARTISTRY modern paleoart model kits are sculpted by Matt Ramieri.  His kits are rigorously researched, and with every species he sculpts, he makes it his mission to make each character as scientifically viable as possible. He calls his work "Scientifically Possible."  

Matt includes all the known facts and most up-to-date scientific data to breathe life into the fauna of pre-history. Alternately, Ramieri believes that each character should have a personality... an identity that reflects everything from the brutal and tumultuous lives these creatures were forced to live to the freedom and fancy of young beasts at play. Matt means to fill in the gaps between the pages of scientific journals with this philosophical point of view, and he drives the path of speculation with the creative freedom of a character designer.  

Each model produced by Ancient Era Artistry is 3d print prototyped by LFS (low force stereolithography), high-resolution resin printing technology. They are printed at a staggering .025 mm layer height.  Each model consists of thousands of layers often approaching ( or in excess of ) 10,000 layers!


Matt insists on the highest resolution so that his countless hours toiling over the most delicate details can be realized in the end product. The 3d printing process not only yields the tiny details not obtainable with traditional clay but also allows for delicate, intricate parts that would not survive the molding and casting process. Super fine details like tiny teeth and claws must be fattened up to survive the molding process and make prominent enough voids for cast liquid resin to fill. This makes for "cartoon" almost costume versions of what would have otherwise been beautiful and detailed pieces.

SO, At Ancient Era Artistry, all of these fine details are 3d printed.  we do reduce costs by molding and casting some parts of some of the models. We do this if the detail in the part is easily retained through the molding and casting process, and we separate, remove, and print details that won't cast easily. We do not use this process to compromise the finer points; we only do it to reduce cost where it would not affect the beauty and complexity of the model kit.

From the manufacturer of our Grey Model Resin:
With a matte surface finish, opaque appearance, and precise details, Black, White, and Grey Resins are ready to use right off the printer. Their neutral undertone also makes a great base for parts that will eventually be painted or undergo other finishing processes.

Ideal for:
Models with very small features and intricate details
Presentation-ready pieces


What are limited editions?

Limited editions are artworks produced in a finite quantity to retain value and exclusivity. The defining characteristic is that there are only 'x' pieces in the edition, and only 'x' numbers will ever be produced. Limited editions exist in different media, from lithographs and relief block prints to photography and sculpture. 

In some cases, like in fine art printmaking, the entire edition is printed at once, then the plate or block used to produce the image is either indelibly marked or destroyed so that it can never re-create the same artwork. This secures the exclusivity of the piece mentioned above. 


In other cases, like with sculptural cast pieces like lost-wax casts, the mold created to make the wax castings is destroyed after the last work in the edition is cast. In many cases (since lost wax sculpture is very expensive to produce), each number of the edition is made to order, and the mold remains until the last piece (i.e., number 50 of a limited edition of 50) is cast.


In rare cases, the artwork's artist or owner/producer will publically display the destroyed or damaged mold. Still, ultimately it is incumbent on the consumer to trust the producer to limit the edition. After all, even if a damaged or destroyed mold is displayed, there is no telling if that was the only mold ever made to produce the edition. 


As with all things, some bad players defraud their clients and customers by producing more pieces than should exist to profit, but I believe they are the exception rather than the rule. 


At ancient era artistry, we produce artwork sculpted digitally and realized via 3d printing. Although we mold some parts, the molds have very little to do with our ability to reproduce the artwork. We can quickly produce any piece into perpetuity.

However, Ancient Era is born from the mind and passion of a traditional representational artist whose reputation is an asset and whose scruples are more remarkable than his talents. 

At Ancient Era Artistry, we hereby swear that any designated limited edition will be limited to only the number specified upon it, with the possible addition/exception of no more than five artist's proofs. See the explanation for the artist's proofs below. 


Not all models produced by ancient era artistry are limited editions. Typically our limited editions apply to only 1:20 scale and above (lower numbers are larger sculptures, so 'above' means below numerically. for instance: 1:40 is on a smaller scale than 1:20, so it will not be a limited edition. 1:15 is higher than 1:20, so it will be a limited edition.) There may be exceptions to this rule. However, all limited edition models will be marked as such, with the total number prominently displayed. It will also appear on the model itself with a number designating the individual piece it represents in the edition. The number will be printed sequentially as the edition is ordered. That number set will be expressed as in the following example:


The fourth order, thus the fourth print of the edition will be expressed on the model as 4/50. The '4' represents the fourth print out of fifty that will ever be produced.

limited editions and scale:     

each limited edition applies only to that particular scale. So, a 1:20 scale 'twinning' model is a limited edition of 50. if 20 have been sold, then only 30 more can ever be printed. However, that does not affect the possibility of a 1:15 scale version of 'twinning' existing or being produced. That would constitute its own set of 50 pieces.  

Certificate of authenticity: 

Every piece produced under a limited edition will come with a certificate of authenticity produced by ancient era artistry and signed by artist Matt Ramieri. The certificate will demonstrate the unique number that your piece represents in the edition and will prove that you are the owner of an authentic ancient era paleoart model by M. Ramieri. 

What are artists' proofs?

An artist's proof (expressed as ap) is a small set that acts as an exception to the finite edition quantity of a limited edition. Typically the purpose of an ap is to allow one of the following: 


  •  The artist wants to experiment with minor changes in the edition. 

    • -this is typically within fine art printmaking, where modifications have to be made on a plate or block, then a print on paper memorializes that version.   

  •  The artist wants to keep a copy of the edition himself/herself or gift it to someone without reducing the sellable quantity.

  • the artist wants to produce a slight variation of an addition (a slightly different size, including a base or excluding a base...)

An artist's proof should be expressed similarly to the edition with the letters 'ap' preceding the individual number of 'ap', which should proceed a slash and then the finite number of 'ap's that will be produced. For instance:

the second 'ap' that the artist is producing out of five 'aps' allowed would be: 

ap 2/5

Again, some disreputable players will use the concept of 'ap's to defraud their audience. some will use the ambiguous 'ap' preceding the slash repeatedly to avoid depleting the official edition size. for instance, they will make their pieces: 


As you can see, this illustrates that there is no way of telling how many 'ap's are out there at any time. 

We do not do that and hereby swear that there will only ever be 5 'ap's for any edition produced by ancient era artistry.


Why different kit options? (and what are the different resins about?)

We offer different kit options so that we can suit the needs of our customers.  

By default, our models come "disarticulated" and unpainted so that the collector can build the piece themselves.  this also keeps costs down vs. the costs associated with building and painting a model... or the costs associated with a finished limited-run artist's sculpture. 



Parts with supports attached

If you chose "Disarticulated w/ Supports", you will receive your parts with some or all of the supports still attached.  This is the lowest-cost option because we don't have to spend time removing the supports to get them to you.

Models may arrive in any color resin depending on supplies on hand at the time of the order.


Alternatively, with the "Disarticulated Model" option, all of the supports will be removed for you, and all the parts will be tested and adjusted accordingly.


If this option is chosen, your parts may arrive in any color resin and/or painted with primer.  

The "Build-Up and primer" option is the most expensive because either the model is printed in parts and then hand-joined and re-textured to make it ready for paint, or it is printed on the larger printer in bigger pieces so that less buildup is required, and then made ready for paint. some combination of the two is also possible.  This option makes the model paint ready in as few parts as possible for shipping and assembly.  


This is the best option if your goal is not to build the model yourself but to have someone else build your model.  Our build-up option is likely cheaper then what you would pay a professional painter to paint. 


"1/1 paint by (name of the artist":  This option will appear in a listing only if we have had a copy of the model painted by a professional for marketing purposes.  We are referring to the unique model in the associated images built by Ancient era Artistry and painted by the painter named within the listing.  The price shown is for delivering that unique sculpture that has been entirely built up and painted by a professional.  The price also includes our cost to ship back and forth from Ancient era to the artist and back.  


For instance:  The listing under "Right Where it Ends" for "1/1 paint by jaume bonnin" gets you the completed model with the paint illustrated in the painted version shown in the listing.  you will get the actual model that was painted and photographed for the listing.


what are the different resins about?

the different resin options consist of "Model-Grade" and "Impact" resins.  We offer both options because our collectors' needs vary. 

"Model-Grade" resin is premium 3d printing resin and/or cast liquid resin designed to build and display models.  it has properties that align perfectly with our needs, like ultra-high detail retention, paintability, and lightweight.  small parts are, however, delicate, and model-grade resins are prone to breakage once built-up.  shipping built-up model-grade sculptures can be complicated.  they require a lot of good packaging material and good planning.  Pieces that don't have much contact with the base are particularly prone once built-up.


"Impact" resin is embued with all of the above features except that it is very strong and resistant to impact.  Due to the added engineered strength and durability, impact resin is more expensive.  however, delicate parts and low-contact designs fair much better during shipping and handling than the model-grade resin. 


Which to Choose?

If you plan to get the model, build it at home, and put it on a shelf, then model-grade is a perfect choice. 

However, if you plan to ship your model to a professional painter, have it built and painted, then shipped back to you, we highly recommend that you use our impact grade resin to mitigate the likelihood of damage in shipping.  




Why are the model kits so expensive? 
putting aside the value of the finite nature of ancient era artistry's limited edition pieces (which will never be reproduced once exhausted), Ancient Era Artistry models are made by hand by the artist. Matt spends a tremendous amount of time in their development and execution.  Each digital sculpture takes in the neighborhood of 100+ hours to research and sculpt.  Every manner of tiny detail including correct muscle placement, correct flexion and extension, boney landmarks, scales, wrinkles, facial expressions, wounds, pathologies, poses, environments, and dynamic compositions are all deeply considered, researched, and labored over.  Add to that, Matt spends even more time devising and executing the "cut" ( the way the model is sectioned and keyed for build-up), then printing and troubleshooting until a successful master prototype is realized. 


Dan, from Dan's Dinosaurs (a distributor of Ancient Era Artistry models), put it best:

"They (the models)  represent the artist's uncompromising vision of the subject, focused on the aesthetics and science without having to please marketing teams or business executives.

The artist can take their time to add layers of depth, blending, and specialized attention that is typically found only in world-class museum exhibits. 

Their (the model's) pricing reflects the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of the model.  Resin models capture details in a crisper, sharper manner than most mass-produced figures."


Add to that, 3d printed resin models require the use of very expensive resins, machines, and consumable parts.  To get the best prints, you must use the best machinery and material available, and that is exactly what Ancient Era Artistry is all about.  We are no venture capitalist firm with a 400% return on investment.  Our margins are pretty thin.  we aim for 40% (give or take) before any available discounts, promotions, or pre-order pricing.       




Digital DOwnload License information

license by thinkloudly Creative LLC. D.B.A. Ancient era artistry (AEA)

The thinkloudly Private use license - Private Use license is applied to all designs on the site. 

as a consumer You are authorized to:

  • Print and use the 3D prints of the 3D model for private use, in unlimited quantity;

  • Share the images of your 3D prints of the 3D model on communication media such as social networks or websites.

What is not allowed:

  • No commercial use or public sharing of the 3D model;

  • No modification or adaptation of the 3D model for public sharing or sale;

  • No distribution, sale, donation or exchange of the digital files of the 3D model.


The Private Use license grants an unlimited, non-exclusive, worldwide license to print and use a 3D model from its 3D digital files downloadable from Thinkloudly creative DBA: Ancient Era Artistry for private use for as long as this license is in effect on the licensed 3D model.

When you exercise the rights granted by the license (defined below), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this thinkloudly - Private Use license. To the extent that this License may be construed as a contract, you receive the rights granted by the License in consideration of your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and the designer(s) grants you those rights in consideration of the benefits of making the 3D digital files of the licensed 3D model available to you under these terms and conditions.

Section 1 - Definitions

  • A 3D Model is the result of 3D modeling, the process of developing a three-dimensional representation of animated or living objects and surfaces.

  • The licensed 3D model means the 3D model for which the designer(s) uses this license.

  • a 3D digital file means a digital representation of a 3D model, in the form of a digital file downloadable from ThinkLoudly in formats such as, but not limited to, STL, OBJ or 3DS.

  • A 3D print means a physical printed version of a 3D model from a 3D digital file uploaded to the AEA site.

  • the designer(s) means the copyright holder and author(s) of the licensed 3D model.

  • The licensed rights means the rights granted to you under the terms and conditions of use set forth in this license, limited to the copyright applicable to your use of the licensed 3D model and which the designer(s) has the right to grant.

  • The term “share” means to make available to the public by any means or process that requires authorization under the licensed rights, such as reproduction, public performance, distribution, broadcast, communication or importation, including in such a way that anyone may access it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them.

  • The term “you” (licensee) refers to any individual or entity exercising the rights granted by the license. The terms “your” and “yours” also refer to the licensee.


Article 2 - Scope of this license

Subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of use of this license, the designer(s) authorize(s) you to exercise for the whole world, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, the rights granted by the license all the time this license is applied on the site Cults in order to :

  • reproduce 3D prints of the licensed 3D model, in whole or in part, for private and personal use;

  • make available to the public through communication media such as social networks or websites the images of your 3D prints of the licensed 3D model.

Article 3 - Terms of use of this license

If you share images of your 3D prints, you must :

  • identify the designer(s) of the licensed 3D model as M., Matt, Matthew Ramieri,  Ancient Era Artistry, or ThinkLoudly Creative LLC.  or other posted designer. 

  • submit a URI or hyperlink to the licensed 3D model.

This license does not include permissions:

  • for selling, distributing, sharing, donating, exchanging, copying, modifying or adapting the licensed 3D model;

  • for the sale, distribution, sharing, donation, exchange, copying, modification or adaptation of the 3D digital files of the licensed 3D model.


Article 4 - Limitations of Warranty and Disclaimers

Unless otherwise specified, this license does not include any warranty of any kind, including but not limited to any express, implied, statutory or other warranty with respect to this license.

Article 5 - Duration and termination

This license applies for as long as it is in effect on the licensed 3D model on the AEA website.

Failure to comply with the obligations of this license shall automatically result in the revocation of the rights granted by this license.




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