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Sign up to join the Ancient Era Artistry Mesozoic Mind Trust.

Help us produce the best models by providing feedback about the progress of our WIPs (works in progress).   

We'll periodically send you information (write-ups, images, etc.) of models Matt is working on, ideas we are considering, and anything else that we want some advice on.  

You will help Ancient era artistry create models that you will want to buy, and you will help us rise to the top of the industry.  

You get a standing 10% off as a "Saurian Syndicate" Exclusive discount, and you will receive special Syndicate offers as a thank you for your time and assistance.   
Saurian Syndicate Sign-Up

Terms: Upon sending this form I agree to keep the contents and correspondence of the Saurian Syndicate CONFIDENTIAL.

I agree not to share or communicate any aspect of anything displayed or written about within.  

Thanks for Joining our Mesozoic Mind Trust

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