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declay studio

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DeClay Studio was founded on 2016 by Hoang Manh Duy, based in Hanoi, Vietnam to work on prehistoric animal model production. Their products are about dinosaurs and megafauna in general. They do the enitre production process in-house, from 3d sculpting to 3d printing to silicone molding for mass production.  They also do their own painting.


Founder/art director/sculptor/painter: Hoang Manh:  Initially he sculpted all manner of subjects, from mythical creatures to movie characters, or anything that inspired him to sculpt.  


Since 2020 during covid, he started to learn and work in Zbrush and 3d modeling.  Also at that time, he started to learn about the science of accurate dinosaur reproduction, then switched his focus to working on the new line of prehistoric animals.

Sculptor/painter: Nguyen Ngoc Hai: joined the declay studio as a creative partner in Jan, 2023.  His work at DeClay involves the sculpting and painting for the megafauna line, and painting for some of the dinosaur models.

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