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impulsive and easily distracted, Jagger identifies with indestructible.  His behavior makes it clear that he suffers from typical teenage immortality syndrome. 
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As Jagger's reverie dissolved, he found himself still and cool under the shade provided by a lofty canopy. The occasional raindrop tapped his nose and brow. As the one steadily became a few, Jagger focused on the rustling that lifted him from his daydream seconds earlier. It was moving the leaves around the back of a felled tree. It sounded like something small... something bite-sized.


With his good eye, Jagger looked over at his sister. he wanted to see if she also noticed the sound. When he glanced back, he saw that she was already locked on to the offending brush and was slowly moving toward it without making a peep. Of course, she was already on the move. Geraldina had always been the more attentive of the two.


 Just Desert...With a tumbling crash, a small Thescelosaurus tore out from the underbrush. Its heart Pounding relentlessly, stumbling foot over foot with reckless abandon. Jagger and Geraldina froze as if physically stunned by the marvelous little lizard. It seemed like an eternity before Jagger could make his muscles react to his will. Geraldine tore past him as if to taunt, but the more potent, faster Jagger quickly overtook her in pursuit of the day's meal.


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