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PALEOART dracorex pachycephalosaurus DINOSAUR MODEL character
After a tiring round of play, Nessa found herself parched and badly in need of some thirst-quenching. 

She decided to follow her older herd comrade, Josiah, to a favorite watering hole close to home.   
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PALEOART Stygimoloch pachycephalosaurus DINOSAUR MODEL character
Exhausted After play-dueling with his friends, Josiah decided to take a walk down to the local watering hole.  As he said his goodbyes to his mother, a young dracorex that he knew quite well, Nessa appeared at his side.  Apparently, she was looking for an escort to the same oasis.  Begrudgingly, Josiah gave up an opportunity for some solitude just to please his young herd mate.   

time to skedaddle.


The gentle reverberations started to grow, as did the distant sound of cracking brush; the crunch and snap timed to match the beats in the ground. 


He looked over at Nessa slumped on the edge of the Dead Tree.  She seemed to have picked up on the same unusual feeling. 


Slowly, The young Stygimoloch stopped munching on the vegetation, thinking he might need to pay closer attention to whatever could be happening. 


Carefully, they both listened intently, their toes each poised to measure even the most minute movements of the dirt beneath them.     


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